5 Reasons to make an Emergency Visit to a Dentist


You might think you can wait a few days to see your dentist if you're experiencing the low-level, almost nagging pain in your teeth, gums, or jaw. However, some situations are so difficult or cause so much pain that you have no choice but to schedule an emergency dental san Antonio appointment and be seen as soon as possible. You don't have to wait it out if you're experiencing unexplained pain or swelling. Waiting too long can result in more severe problems in the future. Here are five reasons to make an emergency appointment with your dentist:

1) Severe Toothache:                                                                                                      

Toothaches are one of the most standard reasons people seek treatment in emergency dental san Antonio. Try exhaustively rinsing your mouth with warm, salted water to reduce the pain and swelling when the pain strikes. It is an intelligent plan for many dental troubles. But any dental pain shouldn't be ignored, so you should visit an emergency dentist in San Antonio as soon as possible.

2) A jaw or Mouth Swelling:

Swelling in your jaw or mouth is not normal for no apparent reason. Swelling can be caused by various factors, ranging from swollen lymph nodes to a mouth or jaw infection. Cancer can cause it in sporadic cases. It would be best to come in for an emergency dental appointment because there isn't always an excellent way to know. More than the swelling, you may be in so much pain that you need to see the dentist.

3) Missing Crown or Filling:                          

When a crown or filling is loose, you may notice it right away. And sometimes, all you have on your tongue is a peculiar taste of pennies.

Don't ignore the taste sensation, and seek treatment from an emergency dental in San Antonio as soon as possible. If you wait for longer, you may require a root canal, a far more invasive (and frequently despised) surgery.

4) Broken Tooth:

A severely broken tooth may be causing so much pain you can barely function. A knocked-out permanent tooth will bleed everywhere. You'll likely be miserable without immediate treatment for either situation and may even permanently lose that tooth. If you delay getting help, the fix could be much more invasive and expensive. 

5) Bleeding Gums:                     

When you have established conditions like gum disease or plaque build-up, your gums are not uncommon to bleed a little. Hopefully, you and your dentist are working to reinforce your gums and address any underlying dental issues. However, don't wait to see a dentist if your gums start bleeding and won't stop or occur with pain or swelling. Get in as soon as you can.


Years ago, emergency dental san Antonio appointments might not have been possible. You had to go through your pain or yank a tooth out yourself back in the day. You can also visit a dentist to get a denture in San Antonio. Make use of your dentist's emergency dental San Antonio services. If they do not make it available, look for a dentist who can assist you in a dental emergency.